Saturday, April 24, 2010


Ok so I really don't consider myself to be a vain person. With that said let me tell you my recent revelation. I started my new job about 3 weeks ago, and while everybody who works there is very nice, smart, and competent, most of them are huge people. I really am not trying to judge or make fun, just stating facts here. Even most of my training class is full of overweight people. This is my biggest fear; being fat.

I've always been on the smaller side. I've never been overweight, but then again I've always held a job where I run my ass off. I am now sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. The most exercise I get is walking outside to the smoking patio! I am so afraid that if I dont start really watching what I'm shoving into my pie hole, my ass is gonna widen and my belly will start to fall out of my pants.

I noticed the first 2 weeks that I was bringing all kinds of little snacks with me to eat at my desk: twizzlers, m&m's, pretzels, etc. I'm not even hungry, I'm just eating because I can. At most of the restaurants I've worked at we weren't allowed to eat during a shift. Of course this isn't to say I didn't snatch a few fries off of customer plates but really I was too busy to even think about eating. I no longer have this rule. I can eat all day at my desk if I wanted to, I could even eat my lunch there if I so chose to.

So what's a girl to do? I have vowed to stop bringing in the snacks and force myself to take a walk everyday to try and burn this excess energy I have stored up. I can't believe I'm gonna say this but I miss the running and constant motion of my waitressing days! I know.


  1. I too have a desk job now compared to the running around I did while still in college. I wish I could tell you that it's not that bad, but it is. It's especially hard when everyone loves to bake for any sort of celebration. Good luck!

  2. The dreaded desk job syndrome - I have had a desk job since getting out of college and trust me, I have gained weight and I hate it. I need to get my ass moving the most I do currently is walk around our neighborhood with the boyf and our dog or walk around walmart as fast as possible to get the hell OUT of there.

    If you find out a great exercise gig - please let me know!

  3. I had a job across the street from the state Employment Development Department (aka unemployment dept.). Every day, rain or shine, there was a group of folks who spent most of their lunch hour walking at a relatively fast pace instead of eating.

  4. This is tough, especially when people bring in cake for birthdays or doughnuts for funsies.

    I recommend taking a walk during your lunch break (if you have the luxury) and bringing lots of snacks from home. Otherwise, it's really easy to start eating all the crap people keep on their desks.

    Good luck!

  5. Like the other comments here, I suggest moving whenever you can. Take your runners with you and walk at lunch.

  6. it is definitely an issue - sitting on your butt all day, still eating full meals while you're not even expending much energy. it sucks. let me know if you find a good solution, because i am struggling to find one!

  7. Augh, this is so frustrating to me! I wanted to walk today just to ya know get it started but I didn't get my lazy ass off the couch! Tomorow...

  8. yep. I definitely gained weight after I quit waiting tables. I thought I wouldn't because I wasn't eating off the line and getting comped meals and stuff, plus I had a social work job where I was walking all over Philly but there is something about the stress plus all the twisting and lateral movement of being a waitress that keeps you slim.

    Good luck with those Freshman Fifteen! Just be mindful of your snacks. Carrot sticks, grape tomatoes, hummus, blah blah blah